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"We’re excited to finally reveal we are producing Sunrider: Liberation Day simultaneously in both in English and in Japanese.
Sunrider: Liberation Day will feature full Japanese voice acting for every single line in the game and dual English and Japanese text.
Is Sunrider: Liberation Day being localized into Japanese?
We’re actually making it in English and Japanese at the same time, so we’re building it with the assumption that both the English and Japanese assets will work together to create a single experience for English readers.
Is Sekai Project handling the Japanese translation.
The translation and Japanese voice acting will be done by Love in Space contractors. Sekai Project is the publisher of Sunrider: Liberation Day but has no active role in development.
Can I swap the voice acting between Japanese and English
Sunrider: Liberation Day will only have Japanese voice acting, so you can’t swap to an English voice track.
Which seiyuu will be cast for my waifu
We’re actually still working on the cast list. But because we’re pulling talent from the Japanese eroge industry, we will not be revealing the real identities of any of the seiyuu anyways. (Everyone works under an alias for 18+ games.)
What’s going to be voiced
Every line of dialogue in the VN segments, excluding Kayto, as well as all the unit acknowledgments during the battle segments.
Can you please tell us when the game will be out, etc
Eh trust me, we’d like the game to be out too. But I don’t think it’ll be a very good game if we just release things half baked… We’ll have a release date for Liberation Day further down the line. It’s still only been a few months since Sunrider Academy came out, and we can’t make these games in a flash…"

Роскомнадзор дотянулся до Японии: twitter.com
"@doku_f メディア監査機関『Roskomnadzor』がロシア連邦法に違反しているツイートをtwitter社に公式文面で削除要請してるからHイラスト上げてる人がBANされてる。国の機関が要請しているから対応早くて即BANされるし、胸が露出している程度のイラストでもアウトと…"

"Earlier this year, Japanese: The Game had its public debut right here on Kickstarter. Now over 10,000 decks have been printed and thousands of people are learning Japanese by playing a card game. Japanese has a reputation for being difficult to learn because of its differences from English. But when you learn the language from its own perspective, it's relatively simple, logical, and consistent. Japanese: The Game lets that simplicity shine. And it's fun to play!
I believe strongly in bringing the world together. With tools like Japanese: The Game, I think we can make a better effort. The Tokyo Edition Core Deck and the Expansion Decks on this page will teach the basics of Japanese grammar and a lot of vocabulary to help students get some serious momentum! They include a lot of concepts we just couldn't cover in the first Kickstarter that will enhance the learning experience of anyone who plays. If you've ever wanted to learn Japanese, or you know someone who does, I invite you to join in the fun!.."