"Socialism has become cool in America, under the nice name "democratic socialism."
Gloria Álvarez ‏knows better, because she's from Latin America and studied socialism there. She says: Watch out! Socialism has a clear track record of wrecking every country that implements it.
Cuba tried socialism. Things got so bad that tens of thousands fled the island on dangerous, makeshift rafts. Others paid lots of money to be allowed to leave.
Álvarez interviews people who fled. One man told her that in Cuba: "You don't see any future. Everything is care, education, nowadays they're in ruins."
Another said: "My father [a doctor] had to sell illegal meats out of his ambulance...because Cuban doctors earn less than 1% of American doctors."
Because of his experience with socialism, that man is now running as a libertarian for a Florida State House seat.
He adds: "I tell my Venezuelan friends, we warned you guys!"
After Cuba, Venezuela became immersed in socialism. For a while, things seemed to work OK thanks to the country's oil wealth; Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and used to be the richest country in Latin America.
Celebrities like Michael Moore and Sean Penn visited Hugo Chavez and praised his socialism.
Venezuelans were happy, too. A former mayor in Venezuela's capital city told Álvarez: "People were clapping so hard. They were like, 'Oh, finally there is somebody here making social justice.'"
But eventually socialism led to a mismanagement of the economy that was so bad that money started to run out. The government just printed more. So much more that it led to million-percent inflation.
Life savings were wiped out.
When businesses raised prices to try to keep up with inflation, Chavez and his successor, President Maduro, banned that.
When businesses did it anyway, they were seized by the government. This tragic video shows a shopkeeper pleading as his business is taken away. It wasn't a one-time thing; more than 30,000 businesses were confiscated.
Now, millions starve. The average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds. More than 2 million people have fled the country.
"It's like the apocalypse. It's no food. No medicine," one Venezuelan told Álvarez.
But some still defend socialism, saying that what happened there "isn't real socialism." Bernie Sanders says: "when I talk about Socialism I am not looking at Venezuela, I'm not looking at Cuba. I'm looking at countries like Denmark, like Sweden."
But Denmark's prime minister says that's a mistake: "Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy," he clarifies."

@Linda-chan на заметку:
"In Spring 2018, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena franchise, a stage play musical was performed in Tokyo. Now the Shoujo Kakumei Utena ~Shirokibara no Tsubomi Musical (少女革命ウテナ ~白き薔薇のつぼみ~) is available on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming on Amazon for folks in JP.
There were a few glaring weaknesses, primarily that the boys couldn’t sing. This is a pretty major problem in a musical. And, in comparison to all the female leads, especially Anthy and Utena’s actresses, Yamauchi Yuka and Nouji Ami, it was a pretty stark failing.
But that aside, there were a number of elements that made the play move along well. In Utena”s first duel with Saionji at the climactic moment, they switch swords. It was a low-tech way to communicate a moment of intense magic. Instead of focusing on drawing the sword from Anthy’s chest, which was handled with little subtlety, the focus of this musical is the actual relationships of the characters. Time is given to everyone’s back stories. In the first act we clearly see the delusions that make up Miki’s and Juri’s pasts. And Tatemichi Riona as Juri did a convincing flinch away from B-ko when she got too close.
The second act was much tighter than the first, with a number of highlights. Yokoi Shojiro, who plays Saionji, has a brilliant moment when, defeated by Utena a second time, he creates his own Shadowgirl scenario and enters it himself. It was both a funny and profound moment. It was, my wife points out, very self-aware of the play. As one of the few wholly original moments, it worked beautifully.
The final scenes are extraordinary and moving, as Nouji does an excellent job of communicating Utena’s despair at having been defeated by Touga. Takeuchi Yume is brilliant as Wakaba, motivating Utena to take control of herself. Nouji notches up the acting with a very emotional climax, where her need to get through to Anthy is pretty darn convincing. (My wife had stepped out of the room and returned as the play wrapped up. She noted immediately that it looked like Nouji had been crying. And she had been, fairly realistically.)
For staging, dueling concepts and acting, it was worth watching. For fans of the Utena story, this was a pretty decent re-telling of the first 13 episodes of the anime."

"Родина бросит и тебя, доча. Всегда."
"Застреленная в Подмосковье следователь МВД Евгения Шишкина получала угрозы в связи с расследуемым ей уголовным делом и обращалась за госзащитой. Об этом сообщает «Интерфакс» со ссылкой на осведомленный источник.
«Шишкина в частности расследовала уголовное дело, связанное с мошенничеством с оформлением электронных билетов на железнодорожные поезда, неоднократно получала анонимные угрозы», — цитирует агентство своего собеседника. По его словам, в связи с этими сообщениями следователь обращалась за госзащитой.
Напомним, Шишкина была убита у подъезда своего дома в поселке Архангельское Красногорского района Подмосковья утром 10 октября. Неизвестный выстрелил в нее около 7:00. Погибшая являлась действующим сотрудником полиции в звании подполковника — старшим следователем по особо важным делам следственной части следственного управления УТ МВД по ЦФО."

Казалось бы, при чём тут пенсии?
"Сурков пообещал повысить зарплаты в ДНР
Помощник президента России Владислав Сурков встретился в Москве с и.о. главы самопровозглашенной Донецкой народной республики Денисом Пушилиным. Об этом сообщает ТАСС.
Пушилин рассказал, что подробно обсудил с Сурковым ситуацию в ДНР. «Дана высокая оценка функционированию всех управленческих структур в переходный период. Получены гарантии поддержки со стороны России во всем, что касается безопасности и повышения уровня жизни граждан. В ближайшее время будет принят ряд решений гуманитарного характера, которые позволят ощутимо увеличить заработную плату для целого ряда групп населения», — заявил он."

Кровавые японские фашисты наносят по феминизму напалмовый удар:
"The newly debuted Goblin Slayer anime has infuriated the usual suspects with its early rape scene.
Naturally many are quite confused about the complaining, as the anime basically revolves around the hero striving to kill off the entire rapist goblin species – Twitter however seems like it is more flooded with people complaining about the complainers than the complaints themselves.
Comments offended by Goblin Slayer’s rape:"