XMPP Roundup 13: Articles, talks and events

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GAEJ + XMPP and rolling your own Agent
Realtime Blogging with IM and
XMPP and SIMPLE: A Comparative Study
Really Real Time view to Twitter
The Google Wave buzz
ProcessOne: Sea Beyond
Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.
Beautiful XMPP Testing
Strategic Guide: Instant Messaging and Security
XMPP Is Not Bloated
Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery
Real Time Web with XMPP
Diagram for XMPP connection
hack-a-thon XMPP meetup
Gadu-Gadu transport
Nice post by stpeter on ACTive vs RESTful architectures:
ACT stands for “Availability for Concurrent Transactions”
it addresses different needs like global addresses, persistent streams, distributed/decentralized network, and of course presence