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цитата тень "Те, кто делает мирную революцию невозможной, делают насильственную революцию неизбежной." Джон Фицджеральд Кеннеди
цитата прекрасное тень бук Рецепт ремонта ноутбука, после перегрева, когда у кулера съезжает крыша и он начинает стопиться:
Having the same problem. But in my case, I noticed it after stressing the laptop a little bit further, for 2 or 3 days, got some temperatures around 100 degrees Celsius in my GPU during this period. The fan even made some "crack" noises after this, so I shut down my laptop and after it cooled up, no more crack noises.

But after this, I noticed the fan having this speed up and speed down problem, while the laptop was idle. =/

Quote from: jku2014 on 20-March-13, 21:15:41
Same problem here! There can't be so many faulty fans around.

Could you try the following, to see if the problem temporarily goes away?

0. Make sure the system is running at idle, CPU load should be at minimum.
1. Use the turbo-fan-button to set fan speed to maximum and leave it there for about 30 seconds.
2. Then press the turbo-fan-button again. The fan will now spin down, but it will not stop completely, as it did before.
3. If you don't put to much load on it now, it will continue to behave normally.

If the above fails at first attempt. Try running an EC-reset before step 0: simply unplug power cord and battery and leave the notebook for 5 minutes. Then plug everything back in and try steps 0 till 3.

Please report back!

I have tried this. Didn't work in the first attempt and I did as you said.
It was some minutes ago (from this post time), seems to have worked as I didn't notice problem again for now. The fan is working at normal speed and making the usual noise.


The problem is back after one hour or so, and I had only the browser running, with like 4 tabs tops. That's annoying :/

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