• DropBox программы цопипаста Last month at Dropbox Open London, we unveiled a new technology preview: Project Infinite. Project Infinite is designed to enable you to access all of the content in your Dropbox—no matter how small the hard disk on your machine or how much stuff you have in your Dropbox. Today, we’d like to tell you more—from a technical perspective—about what this evolution means for the Dropbox desktop client.
    Traditionally, Dropbox operated entirely in user space as a program just like any other on your machine. With Dropbox Infinite, we’re going deeper: into the kernel—the core of the operating system. With Project Infinite, Dropbox is evolving from a process that passively watches what happens on your local disk to one that actively plays a role in your filesystem.
    Учитывая как они постигали основы COM, вкорячивая копирование картинок с флэшек, а так же как не могли починить принтскрин... Драйвер от Dropbox – это уже слишком.

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