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«В Курске состоялся суд над бывшим работником хлебозавода. 35-летний мужчина торговал марихуаной прямо на предприятии — сообщается на официальном сайте регионального наркоконтроля. Продажа зелья была хорошо налажена. Минимальный объем партии — стакан. Покупатели скидывались, чтобы приобрести марихуану. По оперативным данным, осужденный выращивал коноплю сам на пустующих участках земли. Во время очередной сделки мужчину и задержали. В доме обнаружили еще пять стаканов марихуаны, готовых к продаже. Суд приговорил наркоторговца к пяти годам лишения свободы в исправительной колонии. Его постоянные клиенты также привлечены к уголовной ответственности за хранение наркотиков.»

5 стаканов = 5 лет. Круто, чо.

Министр юстиции Колумбии Рут Стеллу Корреа (Ruth Stella Correa) предложила вместе с марихуаной легализовать синтетические наркотики — амфетамин и различные метамфетамины, например экстази. Этот проект будет рассматриваться в марте 2013 года.

Отличная база трипов, знаний и вообще. На английском.

Про мою любимую сальвию дивинорум, например:
It’s hard to logically explain what happened next. I was thrust into another dimension that looked so unlike the one I am familiar with. However, I can somewhat explain how I felt. One moment I was in the room with my friends. Slowly, it was like the room, my friends, and my whole world were revealed to me to be fake. It was as if some cosmic being who I could not see, was showing me that everything I new to be true, never really existed. This realization was intense and very real to me. Not only was I experiencing this mental state, but I was also experiencing an incredible force controlling my physical body. My only burning desire was to return to my world. I wanted this to all be a horrible nightmare, but I knew for a fact that it wasn’t a dream. It was 100% real.

At this point, I had completely forgotten that I had smoked a substance. My eyes were open throughout this whole ordeal, but I was not seeing the room my physical body was in. The things I saw did not take shape like earthly objects. It was as if I was in some dream-like videogame where every object was a metaphor or representation of something else. I saw something that looked like the wheel of fortune spinner. It was missing one of the pieces. Much like a puzzle that represented my reality, I knew my life was that missing piece and now that it was removed, would never be able to fit again. I was essentially dead with my soul forced to dwell in this hellish realm. My life on earth was a farce all along. My family, friends and ambitions were all just a dream. THIS was my real life. There was no one to cry out to for help. I was alone in infinity.

After about 5 minutes and what seemed like hours, I began to come down. I suddenly saw the room again and some people (who I did not recognize at first) standing and watching me. This made me very uncomfortable. Suddenly everything made sense again. I had smoked Salvia and these are my friends, but where was I? I stood up and tried to explain to my friends that I knew what was going on (as if they needed to know). I was just so excited to have my life back that I wanted to tell them that I knew I would be OK. I’m sure this actually just made me look more messed up. Seeing them standing made me feel as if they were waiting on me to go with them somewhere and it confused the hell out of me, so I ordered them to sit. I fell back onto the couch and tried to sleep off the rest of the high, but my mind and body would have none of that. Although I was back in my reality, I felt what I can only explain to be a disharmony between my soul and body. Where normally the two parts rest on the same frequency (so to speak), my soul and body were on different frequencies trying to tune into each other again. This left me with a severe internal discomfort which slowly faded over the next 20 minutes.

Not until 1901 was the alkaloid isolated. The initial wave of research that followed seemed
promising. A cure for male impotence was eagerly anticipated. Yet ibogaine, once chemically
characterized, was quickly forgotten. Though no evidence was ever offered that it was
dangerous or addictive, the compound was placed in Schedule I, the most restrictive and
controlled category, in the United States, making further research highly unlikely. Ibogaine
remains to this day nearly unstudied in human beings.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

Ну охренеть просто, выделили вещество, лечащее импотенцию и т.к. его использовали африканские шаманы в своих религиозных целях, его решают, не разобравшись, поместить в список строго запрещённых препаратов. ОК ваще.

At the first, low, level of usage is the effect that Fischer noted: small amounts of psilocybin,
consumed with no awareness of its psychoactivity while in the general act of browsing for
food, and perhaps later consumed consciously, impart a noticeable increase in visual acuity,
especially edge detection. As visual acuity is at a premium among hunter-gatherers, the
discovery of the equivalent of "chemical binoculars" could not fail to have an impact on the
hunting and gathering success of those individuals who availed themselves of this advantage.
Partnership groups containing individuals with improved eyesight will be more successful at
feeding their offspring. Because of the increase in available food, the offspring within such
groups will have a higher probability of themselves reaching reproductive age. In such a
situation, the out breeding (or decline) of non-psilocybin-using groups would be a natural
Because psilocybin is a stimulant of the central nervous system, when taken in slightly larger
doses, it tends to trigger restlessness and sexual arousal. Thus, at this second level of usage, by
increasing instances of copulation, the mushrooms directly favored human reproduction. The
tendency to regulate and schedule sexual activity within the group, by linking it to a lunar cycle
of mushroom availability, may have been important as a first step toward ritual and religion.
Certainly at the third and highest level of usage, religious concerns would be at the forefront of
the tribe's consciousness, simply because of the power and strangeness of the experience itself.
This third level, then, is the level of the full-blown shamanic ecstasy. The psilocybin
intoxication is a rapture whose breadth and depth is the despair of prose. It is wholly Other and
no less mysterious to us than it was to our mushroom-munching ancestors. The
boundary-dissolving qualities of shamanic ecstasy predispose hallucinogen-using tribal groups
to community bonding and to group sexual activities, which promote gene mixing, higher birth
rates, and a communal sense of responsibility for the group offspring.
At whatever dose the mushroom was used, it possessed the magical property of conferring
adaptive advantages upon its archaic users and their group. Increased visual acuity, sexual
arousal, and access to the transcendent Other led to success in obtaining food, sexual prowess
and stamina, abundance of offspring, and access to realms of supernatural power.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

Consider a shaman who uses plants to converse with an invisible world inhabited by nonhuman
intelligences. This would seem to rate a headline in the supermarket tabloids. Yet
anthropologists report such things all the time and no one raises an eyebrow. That is because
we tend to assume that the shaman interprets his experience of intoxication as communication
with spirits or ancestors. The implication is that you or I would interpret this same experience
differently and that therefore it is no big deal that some poor, uneducated campesino thought he
was talking with an angel.
Xenophobic as this attitude is, it suggests a good operating procedure since what it is saying is,
"Show me the techniques of your ecstasy and I will judge their effectiveness for myself." I did
this. This is my credential for the theories and opinions I hold. I was initially appalled at what I
found: *the world of shamanism, of allies, shape shifting, and magical attack are far more real
than the constructs of science can ever be,* because these spirit ancestors and their other world
can be seen and felt, they can be known, in the nonordinary reality.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

"Tome, caballero!" the old woman had cackled as she offered me a full cup of the black,
slow-flowing liquid [имеется в виду аяхуаска]. Its surface had the sheen of motor oil.
She must have grown into this role, I thought as I drank. It was warm and salty, chalky and
bittersweet. It tasted like the blood of some old, old thing. I tried not to think about how much
at the mercy of these strange people I now was. But in fact my courage was failing. Both Dona
Catalina and the guide's mocking eyes had slowly gone cold and mantislike. A wave of insect
sound sweeping up the river seemed to splatter the darkness with shards of sharpedged light. I
felt my lips go numb.
Trying not to appear as loaded as I felt, I crossed to my hammock and lay back. Behind my
closed eyelids there was a flowing river of magenta light. It occurred to me in a kind of dreamy
mental pirouette that a helicopter must be landing on top of the hut, and this was the last
impression I had.
When I regained consciousness I appeared to myself to be surfing on the inner curl of a wave
of brightly lit transparent information several hundred feet high. Exhilaration gave way to
terror as I realized that my wave was speeding toward a rocky coastline. Everything
disappeared in the roaring chaos of informational wave meeting virtual land. More lost time
and then an impression of being a shipwrecked sailor washed onto a tropical shore. I feel that I
am pressing my face into the hot sand of a tropical beach. I feel lucky to be alive. I am lucky to
be alive! Or is it that I am alive to be lucky? I break up laughing.
At this point the old woman begins to sing. Hers is no ordinary song, but an icaro, a magical
curing song that in our intoxicated and ecstatic state seems more like a tropical reef fish or an
animated silk scarf of many colors than a vocal performance. The song is a visible
manifestation of power, enfolding us and making us secure.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

The suppression of the natural human fascination with altered states of consciousness and the
present perilous situation of all life on earth are intimately and causally connected. When we
suppress access to shamanic ecstasy, we close off the refreshing waters of emotion that flow
from having a deeply bonded, almost symbiotic relationship to the earth. As a consequence, the
maladaptive social styles that encourage overpopulation, resource mismanagement, and
environmental toxification develop and maintain themselves. No culture on earth is as heavily
narcotized as the industrial West in terms of being inured to the consequences of maladaptive
behavior. We pursue a business-as-usual attitude in a surreal atmosphere of mounting crises
and irreconcilable contradictions.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

Obviously, we cannot continue to think about drug use in the same old ways. As a global
society, we must find a new guiding image for our culture, one that unifies the aspirations of
humanity with the needs of the planet and the individual. Analysis of the existential
incompleteness within us that drives us to form relationships of dependency and addiction with
plants and drugs will show that at the dawn of history, we lost something precious, the absence
of which has made us ill with narcissism. Only a recovery of the relationship that we evolved
with nature through use of psychoactive plants before the fall into history can offer us hope of a
humane and open-ended future.
© "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

Глава Федеральной службы по контролю за оборотом наркотиков Виктор Иванов в своем интервью газете «Известия» заявил, что в России не будет легализации легких наркотиков.

«И у нас, и в США не будет, — уточнил Иванов. — В мае я находился в Стокгольме, где состоялся третий форум по проблемам наркотиков под патронажем Ее Высочества королевы Сильвии, где выступил с докладом. По итогам встречи была подписана декларация о недопустимости легализации легких наркотиков в любой форме».

Глава антинаркотического ведомства также отметил, что движение за легализацию в конечном итоге финансирует наркомафия. Полученные от продажи запрещенных препаратов средства «не лежат под подушками, они попадают в банковскую сеть и циркулируют в ней», считает руководитель ФСКН. «Поэтому такие финансисты, как Сорос не скрывают своих намерений поддержать под благовидным предлогом возможность легального оборота, как они говорят, легких наркотиков», — подчеркнул Иванов.

По его данным, мировая торговля наркотиками приносит 500–800 млрд. долларов ежегодно, а российская мафия получает более 20 млрд. рублей в год. При этом руководитель ФСКН привел данные о том, что марихуану в России курят 3,5 млн. человек. Таким образом, если не принимать во внимание остальных наркоманов, одни только любители марихуаны могут обеспечить российским наркоторговцам заявленные доходы, тратя чуть более 5700 рублей в год или 16 рублей в день на человека.

Виктор Иванов также отметил, что идея о безвредности марихуаны — ложная. По его мнению, у заядлых курильщиков она может вызывать «страшные последствия», вплоть до шизофрении.
© ridus.ru

движение за легализацию в конечном итоге финансирует наркомафия
движение за легализацию финансирует наркомафия
легализацию финансирует наркомафия
Да он же упоротый!!!