• цитаты вещества "Tome, caballero!" the old woman had cackled as she offered me a full cup of the black,
    slow-flowing liquid [имеется в виду аяхуаска]. Its surface had the sheen of motor oil.
    She must have grown into this role, I thought as I drank. It was warm and salty, chalky and
    bittersweet. It tasted like the blood of some old, old thing. I tried not to think about how much
    at the mercy of these strange people I now was. But in fact my courage was failing. Both Dona
    Catalina and the guide's mocking eyes had slowly gone cold and mantislike. A wave of insect
    sound sweeping up the river seemed to splatter the darkness with shards of sharpedged light. I
    felt my lips go numb.
    Trying not to appear as loaded as I felt, I crossed to my hammock and lay back. Behind my
    closed eyelids there was a flowing river of magenta light. It occurred to me in a kind of dreamy
    mental pirouette that a helicopter must be landing on top of the hut, and this was the last
    impression I had.
    When I regained consciousness I appeared to myself to be surfing on the inner curl of a wave
    of brightly lit transparent information several hundred feet high. Exhilaration gave way to
    terror as I realized that my wave was speeding toward a rocky coastline. Everything
    disappeared in the roaring chaos of informational wave meeting virtual land. More lost time
    and then an impression of being a shipwrecked sailor washed onto a tropical shore. I feel that I
    am pressing my face into the hot sand of a tropical beach. I feel lucky to be alive. I am lucky to
    be alive! Or is it that I am alive to be lucky? I break up laughing.
    At this point the old woman begins to sing. Hers is no ordinary song, but an icaro, a magical
    curing song that in our intoxicated and ecstatic state seems more like a tropical reef fish or an
    animated silk scarf of many colors than a vocal performance. The song is a visible
    manifestation of power, enfolding us and making us secure.
    © "Food of the Gods", T. McKenna

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