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    The following day, the subjects returned to the lab and were again shown the yellow square, thus forcing them to recall the stressful memory. It’s at this point that all of the undergraduates underwent “extinction training,” in which they were repeatedly exposed to the scary stimulus but without a corresponding jolt of electricity. Half of the subjects were given this training 10 minutes after their initial recall. The other half didn’t begin training until six hours later, which is after the window of cellular reconsolidation is closed.
    The timing turned out to be the essential variable. While people forced to wait for their extinction training still showed a potent fear response — the square was still terrifying — those who began training immediately after seeing the square showed no fear response. What’s even more remarkable is that this effect lasted for a year after the intervention. The forgetting persisted; the fear really was gone. As the scientists note, “These findings demonstrate the adaptive role of reconsolidation as a window of opportunity to rewrite emotional memories, and suggest a non-invasive technique that can be used safely in humans to prevent the return of fear.”
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