• quote BL вброс When was the last time you spent a pleasant evening in a comfortable chair, reading a good program? I don't mean the slick subroutine you wrote last summer, nor even the big system you have to modify next week. I'm talking about cuddling up with a classic, and starting to read on page one. Sure, you may spend more time studying this elegant routine or worrying about that questionable decision, and everybody skims over a few parts they find boring. But let's get back to the question: When was the last time you read an excellent program? © Jon Bentley
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  • @Kim, Until recently, my answer to that question was, “Never.” I'm ashamed of that. I wouldn't have much respect for an aeronautical engineer who had never admired a superb airplane, nor for a structural engineer who had never studied a beautiful bridge. Yet I, like most programmers, was in roughly that position with respect to programs. That's tragic, because good writing requires good reading — you can't write a novel if you've never read one. But the fault doesn't rest entirely with us programmers: Most programs are written to be executed, a few are written to be maintained, but almost no programs are written so someone else can read them. © Он же