Тащемта, на Манежке вчера было весело. Особенно весело было кидать ёлочные игрушки ОМОНу, это было даже няшно.
Мда: Gadzhi’s Kaspiysk summer house is an enormous
structure on the shore of the Caspian, essentially a huge
circular reception room — much like a large restaurant —
attached to a 40-meter high green airport tower on columns,
accessible only by elevator, with a couple of bedrooms, a
reception room, and a grotto whose glass floor was the roof
of a huge fish tank. The heavily guarded compound also
boasts a second house, outbuildings, a tennis court, and two
piers out into the Caspian, one rigged with block and tackle
for launching jet skis.
On memorial day an old fighter ace is invited to a kindergarten. Kids ask him how many planes he shot down. He says: — Well, one day during the Battle of Britain saw a bunch of fockers in the skies. The first foсker came at me out of the sun, but I out maneuvered him and blasted him down. A second foсker came at me from below, but I looped behind him and gunned the foсker down as well. A third foсker saw this and tried to retreat into the clouds, but… The teacher jumps in: — Children, before the story continues, you have to learn that Focker is the type of plane German air force used to fly during World War II. Pilot: — Yeah, that’s right. But them particular fockers were flying Messerschmitts.
derp Пить-хорошо, работать- плохо. Пить на работе- неплохо, но и не хорошо. Как же быть, когда ты на работе, выпить хочется и алкоголь есть?: