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Windows 10, Version 21H2 CONSUMER-BUSINESS (Updated August 2022 from MSDN-VLSC) [19044.1889] by WZT / Облако Mail.ru

Microsoft Windows 10.0.19044.1889, Version 21H2 (Updated August 2022) — Оригинальные образы от Microsoft MSDN [Ru]

Различия business edition и consumer edition:

В редакции образов business edition интегрированы GVLK ключи для KMS.
В редакциях образов consumer edition — стандартные ключи установки.

Состав редакций в образах business edition:

Windows 10 для образовательных учреждений
Windows 10 Корпоративная
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro для образовательных учреждений
Windows 10 Pro для рабочих станций

Состав редакций в образах consumer edition:

Windows 10 Домашняя
Windows 10 Домашняя для одного языка
Windows 10 для образовательных учреждений
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro для образовательных учреждений
Windows 10 Pro для рабочих станций

MD5: d19464ee459264ce57520404e085fb9e
SHA-1: 96cbd18dabe2f538e3cab4d2a81496dc0dfa25dc
SHA-256: 8b31953f1b21223e87e48455f43a41a71a4562902bc3719a2bd46b3b73088fa6

MD5: 04c92a27fdd63b8027d31098884c3dfc
SHA-1: 43d23f627009d1109c53448486018261c4b0f3b3
SHA-256: 151cc0eb0c080163cb7e462d178b72e03be4794e786bc774a6c0bd556a8a0e58

by W.Z.T

🎯 How to get the Windows 10 November 2021 Update👉 blogs.windows.com
📋 What’s new for IT pros in Windows 10, version 21H2👉 techcommunity.microsoft.com
✔️Windows 10 November 2021 Update via Update Assistant👉 microsoft.com
📋Beginning with Windows 10, version 21H2, feature updates for Windows 10 release are released annually, in the second half of the calendar year, to the General Availability Channel.
They will be serviced with monthly quality updates for 18 or 30 months from the date of the release, depending on the lifecycle policy.

📋INFO August 16, 2022, #UpdatedAugust2022, ISO's on Visual Studio Subscriptions (#VSS) formerly #MSDN
✔️Windows 10 Version 21H2 CLIENT #CONSUMER/#BUSINESS
🎯OS Build 19044.1889.vb_release_svc_prod1.220803-1722 with #KB5016616 for 20H2/21H1/21H2 📋https://support.microsoft.com/help/5016616
torrent code warez wzor Windows10 Windows_10 Windows-10 MSDN-ISO скачать_Win10 VLSC WZT 1903-19H1-V2
ну шо, свежая винда шоле?
1903 19H1 V2





Product (Full Name): Windows 10 (business editions), version 1903 (updated Sept 2019) (x64) - DVD (Russian)
Product Family:
FileId: 85750
File Type: DVD
Language: Russian (ru)
Architecture: x64
File: ru_windows_10_business_editions_version_1903_updated_sept_2019_x64_dvd_49d75a68.iso
SHA1: 65f6ad1820aa8472c7e84c8a5c9a3e679d6eb365
File Size (MB): unknown bytes (0 MB)
Date release: 2019-09-25
For this multi-edition Business media, use a product key specific to the edition in the list you want to activate.

This multi-edition Business media includes the following editions:
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro N
*Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
*Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations
Windows 10 Pro Education
Windows 10 Pro Education N
Windows 10 Education
Windows 10 Education N
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 Enterprise N

*Windows 10 Pro, version 1709 or newer, will need to be installed before using the Window 10 Pro for Workstations product key to activate that edition.

Windows10 MSDN-ISO скачать_Win10 VLSC В MSDN новая венда, вернее "зборка"

Windows 10 Version 1803 April2018Update Update June 2018 KB4284835 OSBuild 17134.112

MD5: 02a71caeb42e1f0d035777a84363fd4c
File Size: 4,47 GB (4 809 322 496 bytes)



e1d0cb4618d2af2c82d38787d0e97788671550bd *SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1803_32BIT_English_-4_MLF_X21-87128.ISO
c18ecc4f15e902ac37fd654bdf9a092f4a9df92d *SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1803_32BIT_Russian_-4_MLF_X21-87172.ISO
bdaf443e43bc392565041ed25137402f14afb09e *SW_DVD9_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1803_64BIT_English_-4_MLF_X21-87129.ISO
d71dfb520698c7057722e9f61e29982e163d2244 *SW_DVD9_Win_Pro_Ent_Edu_N_10_1803_64BIT_Russian_-4_MLF_X21-87173.ISO