“Any system that runs on basis of people (i.e., social system) is as good as those people are. That means, any good idea can be screwed by bad implementation.”; Additional hypothesis: “There's no good system that could run well (i.e. successfully compensate) on present (or recent) mentality of people.” ff.im

That's one funny useful stuff: “The Virtues of Frugality proposes one solution. Divide the data into pieces (methods for determining the boundaries of these pieces are given in VoF). Find a physicist who has never seen the data set in detail. Show him the first piece of data, let him design models and set parameters based on this data piece. When he is satisfied with his ability to predict the contents of the second data piece, show him that one as well and let him adjust his parameters and possibly invent new models. Continue until you have exhausted all the data.” [src: lesswrong.com]. It so much reminds me of genetic algorithm or neural network creation method. ff.im