garbage Oh, you think the console is your ally, but you merely adopted the console. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the GUIs until I was already a man; by then, it was nothing to me
“If Socrates had come before the Athenians with some fine new piece of machinery like a protective tariff, workmen's compensation, old-age pensions, collective ownership of the means of production, or what not; if he had told them that what they must do to be saved was simply to install his piece of machinery forthwith, and set it going; no doubt he would have interested a number of people, perhaps enough to put him in office as the standard-bearer of an enlightened and progressive liberalism. When he came before them, however, with nothing to say but "Know thyself," they found his discourse unsatisfactory, and became impatient with him.”
Sad sad story: there still seems to be no way to build a no-single-point-of-failure messaging system (not to mention a multi-user-chat that'd handle netsplits appropriately).

… well, maybe psyc people will solve that… in a few years.
fu Path of so many causes: finding a worthy problem, proposing a horribly inefficient set of actions to take under the supposition of solving it, calling anyone who doesn't accept and take (or fake) that set of actions “an enemy”.
Theory* security for the paranoid: if you are afraid of a MitM attack substituting your keys but can't meet in person (or need a pseudonymous identity confirmation),
you can, in principle, verify the key using time-limited non-easily-alterable communication, e.g. saying the fingerprint over a live voice (voip) connection, or making a complicated statement like “10th character of the fingerprint is …” over live chat.
Short version of everything: the AIXI model is also relevant to [some part of] human brains.
With the corresponding conclusions about knowledge, self-wireheading, etc.
Really, from this theory half of previously-philosophical claims can be rebuilt (and proven/disproven) formally.
… I do not remember the experiment results< thus, likely, there was nothing interesting in the results, thus, likely, there was nothing unexpected in the results, thus, likely, my current expectations are correct after all.
Method of forced self-change: imagine a problematic trait/thought/habit/… in as much details as you can, and then bang your head into the wall few times, visualizing the destruction of that problem.

“creative visualization”, heh.

Also simple not-even meditation: “simply breathe and visualize tiredness and tenstion leaving you with the air on when yuo breathe out”.
Almost on the lines of so-called “5-second meditation”.

Also prayers (without the problematic belief system): speific woreds doesn't matter, beliefs aren't necessary, muttering something can help.

And many many many many more tricks that can help.

If you don't cling to things that give you problems.