• cygwin Win оказывается, fork под Windows возможен. в Cygwin:

    The fork call in Cygwin is particularly interesting because it does not map well on top of the Win32 API. This makes it very difficult to implement correctly. Currently, the Cygwin fork is a non-copy-on-write implementation similar to what was present in early flavors of UNIX.

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  • @FonMax,

    int res = setjmp (grouped.ch.jmp);
    if (res)
    res = fork_child (grouped.ch.parent, grouped.first_dll, grouped.load_dlls);
    res = fork_parent (grouped.ch.parent, grouped.first_dll,
    grouped.load_dlls, esp, grouped.ch);

    setjmp работает так: opengroup.org

    еще интересно вот здесь: cygwin.com