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Error has occured during execution of SQL statement:
SELECT count(), floor((count()+25-1)/25),1-6,1+6 FROM organizations o, unit_names n WHERE o.id = n.subject_id AND n.subject_type=1 AND n.lang=''en'' AND o.id in (SELECT i.subject_id FROM information i, addresses p, city_names cn WHERE i.int_id =1 AND i.subject_type=1 AND i.lang = ''en'' AND i.info_id = p.id AND p.cit_id = cn.cit_id AND cn.lang=''en'' AND cn.name LIKE LOWER(''a%''))
Incorrect syntax near 'en'.
При вводе чего-нибудь по адресу ras.ru
На сайте Российской Академии Наук :(