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Linux Windows Microsoft epicfail reddit Немного с опазданием, но всё же...Эпический АМА (Ask Me Anything) от инженеров Microsoft на реддите, где они жестоко провалились, ответив только на пару удобных вопросов от свежесозданных аккаунтов, а на серьёзные вопросы небыло получено ни одного ответа. В итоге разыгралась драма с угрозами перейти на линукс, поличением говном и так далее.


Вот хорошее описание ситуации в одном из комментов:
They were probably expecting a bunch of, "WHY NO START MENU" rants, and they were ready to reply with some marketing spiel about how they have to change the platform and make it work on tablets and there is a start button so everything is cool. Then proceed to ignore the responses. Instead, they got IT directors who are frustrated by all the stuff that doesn't work properly for enterprise or which got dumbed-down. And they have no response to that, because it means addressing engineering concerns that were (probably) raised, but cut for time/money or for internal political reasons. New wireless management system? Needs to work like mobile OS, and be easy to use, because tablets are mobile. Oh you want to rebuild the networking management from the ground up for Metro because it doesn't play nice? Nah, just cut a lot of networking stuff; consumers won't miss it.