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Китай экология Отличная статья про проблему водных ресурсов в Китае — edition.cnn.com

Плюс ещё комментарий девушки из Канады понравился, которая провела 6 лет в Китае. Очень точно описывает китайцев:
I am a Canadian and have been living in China for 6 years. It's easy for us foreigners to say " just recycle, reuse, reduce...." for most Chinese, it's a daily struggle to meet their own needs. They are not educated about thinking about the future and how to preserve what we have now. They have been hit hard with massive industrial and economic growth. Everyone is buying cars and houses... Something their parents never had. They don't understand how to drive even.. They drive like they ride a bike, go anywhere, anytime they want.. No awareness for rules or safety as they have not been taught. No car seats for children, adults rarely wear car seats. Its like giving a car to your 8 yr old.. No experience and limited knowledge. Many still use coal to heat their homes. It's coal or freeze to death. The villagers are lucky if they have clean water supply. The factories look for the most economical ways to get rid of waste, and that can mean illegal ways as well. Everyone in the world wants inexpensive products but expects quality too. For some companies, this means cut corners. You can't just say " China, just do what we do in the west about water conservation". Remember, this is a developing nation and it's 3 rd world out of the cities. It won't be easy but they are trying.