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quotes Watts "I think we can, so long as we stop thinking of ourselves as the person, and start thinking of ourselves as the parasite within the person. If I'm a tapeworm, I need my host to be relatively healthy for my own good; but I'm not going to flush myself out my host's rectum to increase it's level of health. I'm conscious, I love being conscious, I want to continue being conscious even if my host would be better off if I wasn't there. My fear, explicated in Blindsight, is that we're gonna run into a bunch of hosts who are better off."
говно из страниц, по которым я хожу, зафильтрована каждая десятая примерно. включая совершенно безобидые типа deviantart и какие-то вообще нейтрального вида американские сайты. сраная рашка катится в сраное говно, а рунет превращается в чебурнет стремительными темпами. как люди без VPN живут?
сказка Long, long ago, there was a king who had a son, and this son had two penises hanging there. So when it came time for him to marry, his father planned to marry him to a girl with two vulvas. But although they searched far and wide, they couldn’t find such a girl. The king’s son died without ever getting married, so he became a ghost who wandered around looking for a girl with two vulvas. This ghost searched everywhere and looked very hard, but he just couldn’t find one. And so, since there was nothing else he could do, he began doing it to people’s nostrils. From that time on, people began to catch cold. When somebody catches a cold his nose is stuffed up at first and he can’t breathe, and then later his nose starts to run. That’s because when the ghost puts his penises up there the nose feels stuffed up. After he’s finished, he takes them out and that’s when people can start to breathe again. But because he left his liquid up there, their noses run.
quotes Making sure you are asking the right questions can be a tough task — candidates need to be aware that this remains part of the test, not just a fact finding mission for them. Creative staffing firm, Vitamin T <vi>, has seen some truly bizarre questions asked in interviews.  Some that might definitely send the wrong message to a prospective employer actually pop-up with alarming regularity. Susie Hall, president of Vitamin T, sent these examples of questions asked that she considers off-limit: How quickly do I accrue vacation time? How often can I work from home? Do you pay for parking (cell phones, car allowance, sodas, gym memberships, etc)? Can I bring my dog to work? How often will I get paid? Ms. Hall says, "Bottom line: An interview should be about what you can give to a company, not what you can get from a company. Save those questions for the offer stage, after your prospective employer has determined you're the right person for the role. 'Selfish' is not on the shortlist of any desired skills list I've ever seen!"
да я срать ебал, лоха пусть в другом месте ищут!
Linux quotes прыщи --- Comment #60 from M8R-7fin56@mailinator.com ---
(In reply to Peter Lemenkov from comment #59)
(In reply to M8R-7fin56 from comment #58)

I wonder can we just ban email services such as Mailinator altogether?

Actually, you'd first have to opt out of services such as BugMeNot as that is
where I got this account with zero hassle. After that, I'd actually have to
exert a little more effort to type some garbage in the registration form and
then go check Mailinator to activate. You could waste a good deal of time
trying to block all the domains, which would be a never ending battle. You
would still have the issue that people could make throw away account on Gmail
and Hotmail, albeit with slightly more effort. Go ahead and try to
comprehensively block all webmail, all anonymous remailers, etc. Then it'd
actually take some real effort for someone to come along and offend you.

Or, you could just remove the motivation to do so by unbreaking the fucking
shitheap that you dimwits call an Operating System. Shit like RedHat/Fedora and
Ubuntu do a severe disservice to the Linux community. You present a distro that
is perceived as and promoted as easy to use. People knew to Linux are likely to
start with one of these. They find that basic functionality is missing, it's a
pain to administer, bug reports do not result in fixes, and many other
problems. Frustrated they either go back to Windows or buy a Mac. Great job
you're doing there!


При всем оффтопике и клоуничности не могу не согласиться с уважаемым троллем.