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Шота ниасиливаю совсем. Кто хорошо умеет парсить английский на слух?
Born Gold — Gasoline Bath <dump.bitcheese.net], i say [ze]
you took a bath with gasoline
and your skin is barely dry
still bored and no your slicks
we angel of <>foam
will i give to watch you crawl
beneath that heaven's pile

when i see you i get [fer] to go
starts[ba] to it seems
like a mirror in this carnival
the blossoms of gasoline
and of course i've said too much
cause i still feel the same
how can you feel that we should loathe
and we will <> for

i don't wanna feel your love
or daylight, daylight at all
sometimes the words you say
i can beary even [mau]
<> thru the <>