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> *sd — это судьба!@alkota #945570/20

ВСД превращает некоторых людей в хикки — это их судьба
ЛСД дает много странных ощущений, это судьба принявшего
БСД это судьба любого {фряхо,опенко,нетка,драгонфлае}ёба
а васд — это просто судьба, лол

Лену С Днемрожденья! Лена Самая Добрая! Лена Самая Деликатная! Лена Самая Душещипательная! Лена Самая Дружественная! Лена Сопит Дерзко! Лена Спит Долго! Лена Смеётся Драматично! Лена, Счастья и Денег! =)

At one point in the project I could not
get an overall viewpoint for the operation
of the entire system. It really was too much
for my brain to keep all the subtle aspects
and processing nuances clear so I could get
a processing and design overview. After
struggling with this problem for a few
weeks, I decided to use a little acid to see if
it would enable a breakthrough, because
otherwise, I would not be able to complete
the project and be certain of a consistent
overall design. Overall design consistency
was important to reduce program and
design errors.
I used only seventy-five micrograms
because I was not interested in tripping, as
I had a specific, limited and definite
purpose for the use of LSD. While stimulated
by the LSD I was able to get the
entire system wholly in my mind at the
same time. I spent some time mentally
visualizing various aspects of the compiler,
the language and the processing which
would take place. I did discover three or
four design inconsistencies while being
stimulated by the effect of the LSD, and I
made notes for later checking.
After twenty-four hours when the
effect of the LSD was completely gone, I
went over my notes. I needed to have a
measure of ФfaithХ that the design changes
suggested by my notes would produce the
beneficial effects they seemed to imply;
that is, I was again in the condition of
being not able to conceive of the entire
system at the same time in my mind.
Once all the changes were made, I was
able to successfully complete the programming
of this huge system. The design
changes I made reduced future program
modification errors and contributed to the
elegance of the design. The system was a
commercial success for my employer and
was used for many years by them. Although
the use of LSD was an important
component of the success of the system,
no one knew of its use except me.

— Учитель, ЛСД дает нам медитацию и восторг. Но оно, мы слышали, невьебенно вредно. И когда мы выходим из восторга, мы чувствуем себя охуительно отвратно: все серо и убого...
— Не выходи из восторга! — пробормотал Япутра, глядя куда-то вдаль остекленевшими глазами.



А я люблю думать о кислоте и дрочить. Целый день я читаю трип-репорты, с большим черным мешком, иногда два дня уходит. Или вот например, кислота? Почему так? Почему нелегально, а? Это все от жыдов и других плохих людей. А кислота ведь совсем наоборот, облагораживает. Вот ведь как. А вот скажем кислота, так вообще, очень отлично вообще.