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как-то я пропустил конец истории

Глава Генштаба Вооруженных сил РФ Валерий Герасимов заявил, что территория Сирии полностью освобождена от террористов из «Исламского государства».

«Все бандформирования ИГИЛ на территории Сирии уничтожены, а сама территория освобождена», — сказал он. 6 декабря

Премьер-министр Ирака Хайдер Аль-Абади объявил о завершении войны против террористической организации «Исламское государство».

«Наши силы полностью контролируют границу Сирии и Ирака, поэтому я объявляю о завершении войны против ИГ», — заявил он.

если ни в Сирии, ни в Ираке ИГ больше нет, то всё?

The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq is investigating whether it was responsible for an airstrike in the west Mosul neighborhood of Aghawat Jadidah March 17 that local civil defense officials said killed at least 200. It would be the highest civilian death toll from an airstrike since the battle against the militant group Islamic State began more than two years ago and among the deadliest incidents in modern warfare.

Iraqi Civil Defense Lt. Col. Taha Ali said the airstrikes came after militants began shooting at aircraft with “heavy rockets.”

“That’s why the aircraft fired,” he said, adding that he didn’t think Iraqi or coalition forces were to blame. “It’s Islamic State’s fault because they were shooting. If you shoot, they’ll shoot back … the army is just doing their job.”

Jasim walked down a dirt street... Finally, she stopped and pointed to the ruins of her home. She said a militant sniper had set up across the street from her house before the attack.

“Just because one Islamic State [fighter] was on our house, the aircraft bombed us,” she said tearfully.

итого, эффективность авиаудара 200 к 1, или 0.5%

Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria
Head of a right-wing think tank says the existence of ISIS serves a "strategic purpose" in the West's interests

In his paper, Inbar suggested that it would be a good idea to prolong the war in Syria, which has destroyed the country, killing hundreds of thousands of people and displacing more than half the population.
As for the argument that defeating ISIS would make the Middle East more stable, Inbar maintained: “Stability is not a value in and of itself. It is desirable only if it serves our interests.”
“Instability and crises sometimes contain portents of positive change,” he added.

о важном:
От таинственного лидера группировки «Исламское государство» (ИГ), самопровозглашенного «халифа всех мусульман» Абу Бакра аль-Багдади ушла жена.
Belgian federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon said outright that the PS4 is by used ISIS agents to communicate, and was selected due to the fact that it’s notoriously hard to monitor. “PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” he said.... terrorists could send messages to each other without speaking a word, if they really wanted to. An ISIS agent could spell out an attack plan in Super Mario Maker’s coins and share it privately with a friend, or two Call of Duty players could write messages to each other on a wall in a disappearing spray of bullets.

кстати, есть ютюб видео с нашидами и флагами игил ещё 2011 года. линк не кидаю т к я его сюда не кидал и видео до сих пор не протухло — интересная корреляция )

спросил у чувака из ирака, который регулярно поставляет мне новости из игил, кого же всё-таки бомбит россия

я: hey man
я: there is a controversy here, with russians saying they bombed islamic state, and usa allies saying russians bombed syrian rebels they support.
я: what do islamic state guys say?
я: they got bombed, or they did not?
он: no
он: isis dosent get any bomb from russia at this moment
он: just one in tabqa airport
он: and other bomb on syrian people rebels
он: its killed civilian

Про ИГИЛ. ИГИЛ — это картинка в телевизоре с привязчивой мелодией и модными оранжевыми накидками. Война с ИГИЛ — это когда "наши" бомбят "пендосов", а "пендосы" — "наших", но и те, и другие говорят, что били по ИГИЛу.

И пока все притворяются, это ещë хорошо. Потому что через час после того, как начнут называть вещи своими именами, по Москве прилетит.