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посмотрел статистику и охуел. город миллионник — 250 тыщ пенсионеров, 200 льготников (половина — дети войны) еще 30 тыщ — ветераны и инвалиды войны.

каждый четвертый — сидит на шее государства. каждый пятый — еще и катается нахаляву в транспорте. охуеть.


Веб-фреймворк баш на яйцах


Апокалипсдец уже видимо близко... Они перепилили дизайн Bash.Org.Ru!!!


sensor[устройство,датчик,<режим>] = Linux 2.4 and OpenBSD ONLY !!!


Hang on! Julien Cretin (from INRIA) is doing an internship here at Cambridge with Dimitrios and me. The primary goal is to support typed type-level programming; that is, to add a proper kind system to GHC.
Broadly our approach is like Conor's SHE system, with minor syntactic differences. So type-level Maybes will appear automatically, as a special case, so it's probably a bit of a waste to implement them separately.
There'll also be support for poly-kinded type-level functions, of course.
The stuff will be on a branch in the main ghc repo soon.


A Clutter port of Vim

Clutter is an open source (LGPL 2.1) software library for creating fast, compelling, portable, and dynamic graphical user interfaces. It is a core part of MeeGo, and is supported by the open source community. Its development is sponsored by Intel.

Clutter uses OpenGL for rendering (and optionally OpenGL|ES for use on mobile and embedded platforms), but wraps an easy to use, efficient, flexible API around GL's complexity.




Тина Канделаки is now following you on Twitter! :-O



Двачеры-линуксоиды в моей Жуйке! #202475