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Касаемо #1088732 и Лужкова. Все-таки заметил дипломатик, что в Кремле Лужковым недовольны:

Recently, ultranationalist LDPR opposition party leader Vladimir Zhirinovskiy strongly criticized Luzhkov and called for him to step down, claiming that Luzhkov's government was the "most criminal" in Russian history. This remarkable denunciation, carried on state TV flagship Channel One, was widely seen as an indirect Kremlin rebuke of Luzhkov.

Американские дипломаты покусились на святое, на Кобзона:

XXXXXXXXXXXX told us that Luzhkov's friends and associates (including recently deceased crime boss Vyacheslav Ivankov and reputedly corrupt Duma Deputy Joseph Kobzon) are "bandits." He told us that he knew this because he formerly had contacts in these criminal groups, but many of his contacts have since been killed.