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This is our music and we gets hell funky
We bring the phat bass for all you hardstyle junkies
We got the bass drum locked down and loading
So get your ass up 'cause this track's exploding

< Toneshifterz — Get Loaded >

Feel the noise about the bass
Hit you in the face
And now you see how we rock
With the record on the block

Techno House is the sound
Pump the dancefloor on the ground
Purely Techno techno
Techno beats
< K-Traxx — Little Red Noisy Thing >

We're here, we're there, we're every-fucking-where
We crash, the sound, to make it underground
The crowd, the mess, the people in-excess
No matter what you say, we keep kickin' ass

< Zatox & Tatanka — Kickin'Ass >

Once you dread potential danger
You are bound by fear
Now, you can choose your own level of fear
From caution to phobia, from dread to paranoia
In this corporate-powered world
Fear is the only enemy
Face the enemy

They keep you in fear of losing your job
Fear of losing a loved one
Fear of a heart attack

< Brennan Heart — Face The Enemy >

Here's what we do, all of us
We come and we go
And the time in between is precious
And it's vital that we enjoy every second granted
Yes, we come and we go
And sometimes life feels like a fucking rat race
But you can't let it get you down
Let your moments be consumed by frustration or hate
Make every moment special
As if it was your last
'Cause we come and we go, all of us

< Brennan Heart — We Come And We Go >

Better hold on tight
Gettin' trippin'
Don't panic
Dial 911 and call the paramedics
'Cause we'll hit you hard with yet another classic
Say it left
Say it right
Get ready for impact
'Cause we're coming out strong with some raw bass power
Doing what we do best till the after hours
So don't stop, don't drop while we hit the block
Get ready for impact

Future shock

< Wildstylez & Ran-D — Future Shock >

I mark the first day
Of the rest of your life
You have been dead, until now
Were you aware of that?
If you'd gone elsewhere, not a chance
But you've come to me
Call me dreamcatcher

< Alphaverb — Realization Of A Dream >

Come on and follow me
To my wildest fantasy
Come now and be with me
Can you feel the energy of love
Deep inside of me
Can you feel the energy of love
Feel my burning love

< Critical Mass — Burning Love (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix) >

We kill for fortune
We die for honour
We trust in God
And we fool ourselves
Truthfulness is the new religion
And it won't be long
Till you believe it

Till you, believe it

Truthfulness is the new religion
And it won't be long
Till you believe it
< Brennan Heart — Till U Believe It >

I was sent on a mission to get the message delivered
And they're trying to dis me but I'm not gonna give up
I'm raw and uplifting and I'm saying it loud
Hard is the message and the message is Hardstyle
< Headhunterz — The Message Is Hardstyle >