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I've been leaving in Paris for almost ten years. Of course changing from student-hood to being a corporate-whore gave me some space and all, but as time goes I really want to either move away to work remotely, or just move away to work elsewhere. The world being a big place, I feel that staying in this city is a waste of resources. This article seems to point in that direction too, by underlining the sillyness of Paris' real-estate market...

apparently using facebook's xmpp server through Tor fires a whole bunch of "suspicious login from an unusual location" alerts ; and prevents the use of the service altogether after a while... OK using FB through an anonimizing service is a little bit paradoxal, but still... :)

hop, un petit petage de rotules pour de plus. Il faut que j'arrête de m'attacher à une seule personne à la fois, c'est pas fiable et le SPOF a tendance a fail dès qu'on cligne des yeux. :p

Depuis que je m'apprend les hiragana/katakana, et plus lentement les kanjis, je me surprend à essayer de décrypter certains spams de Chine... pour voir si j'arrive à en lire une partie. Grml. >_<

Quick fix to my little Palm Pre2 hotspot problems: switch sim back to n900, use the open-source app on nokia's phone, enjoy teh internetz. Now excuse me, I'm going back to my family for xmas. See you later, web-people. :)