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подумалось, что экранизация анимешек по методу "в лоб" (живыми актёрами) сосёт не столько из-за хуёвых актёров/режиссёров, как из-за эффекта, обратного uncanny valley — когда реальный человек пытается изображать из себя анимированный персонаж, мозг зрителя понимает, что его наебали, и происходит отторжение происходящего на экране.

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круговорот идей в природе: говорят, что "город, в котором меня нет" вдохновлён Цутомой Миязаки. а Миязаки, в свою очередь, был вдохновлён аниме:
A search of Miyazaki's two-room bungalow produced 5,763 videotapes, some containing anime and slasher films (later used as reasoning for his crimes)... The media called him "The Otaku Murderer".[6] His killings caused a moral panic against otaku, accusing anime and horror films of making him a murderer.

как замечательно иногда пишут описания анимешек, вот к примеру — Kyo, an avid swimmer tries his best to keep the high school swimming club going, which is pretty hard when he's the only member. — обычное такое спортивное аниме — Facing the prospect of the club being closed by the student council, he tries to enlist beautiful Misaki to act in a promo video, shot by his good friend Ryoko, in a bid to start a recruitment drive. — в принципе тоже всё стандартно, тыщи аниме нарисовано про проблемы школьных клубов — She agrees but only if he pilots a mecha under the wing of Celebrum, a resistance organisation fighting to destroy Deutera Areas formed on Earth by the aliens Gards-orm — wait, what?? чё за хуета? внезапно.

смотреть фильм после того, как посмотрел сериал после того, как посмотрел фильм — so much meta что просто пиздец. людям, которые посмотрели вначале сериал, не понять. вернее, понять, но не ощутить ) хаштаг штейнергейт

так, кто у кого пизданул идею?

Bones is an American crime procedural drama television series that aired on Fox in the United States from September 13, 2005, until March 28, 2017, for 246 episodes over twelve seasons. The show is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, with each episode focusing on an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the personal lives of the characters.
Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation or A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet (櫻子さんの足下には死体が埋まっている Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru) is a Japanese mystery novel series written by Shiori Ōta, with illustrations by Tetsuo. Kadokawa Shoten has published nine volumes[1] since 2013 under their Kadokawa Bunko label, with over 1 million copies in print.[2] An anime television series adaptation by Troyca aired in Japan between October and December 2015.[3][4] A live-action television series adaptation began airing on April 23, 2017 on Fuji TV.[5]
Sakurako Kujō is a genius beauty in her mid-twenties whose life is centered around one thing and one thing only: bones. With little tolerance for others, she would be completely isolated in her study full of skeletons if it weren’t for high school boy Shotaro—her new assistant and constant companion. Why exactly she has taken a shine to him remains a mystery, but one thing is clear: Whenever the two go out together, the chances are high that they will come across a human corpse.

по датам выходит, что японцы у американцев, что нетипично