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There is a way to run the Windows version of Winamp on a Mac. I have Winamp 5.5 running on my Mac. It's just great.For this you need Winebottler available here for free macupdate.com
Also you'll need Winamp of course. I suggest Winamp 5.5. Get it here oldversion.com
Install Winebottler then from within Winbottler click 'Advanced', then under 'Program to install — select file', select the Winamp 5.5.exe, then click 'Install' at the bottom. Go through the Winamp.exe installation routine that opens. When everything's done name your app Winamp.
That's all. Takes just a couple of minutes.
You can use the Bento skin. With this skin you can use the built in browser to go to Shoutcast radio. But adding radio stations is tricky so I use a standard browser and copy/paste the radio stations into Winamp via File/Play URL (Ctrl-L).
I use the Modern skin. You select from color themes (config button) you can select City Night, MonoLite or MonoDark to make it gray and blend nicely with the Mac gui.
Works great but a problem is the Media Library which won't work. Also the time slider does not work. The tracks info don't always properly update or not at all. I was unable to fix this right now.

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