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In 1865 John Stuart Mill was elected to Parliament on a platform that included votes for women, in 1869 he published his essay in favour of equality of the sexes The Subjection of Women.
in May 1867 and Mill also proposed an amendment to the 1867 Reform Act to give women the same political rights as men but the amendment was treated with derision and defeated by 196 votes to 73.

It was on October 10, 1903 that I invited a number of women to my house in Nelson Street, Manchester, for purposes of organisation.
Pinfold Manor in Surrey, which was being built for Chancellor of the exchequer, David Lloyd-George, was targeted with two bombs on 19 February 1913, only one of which exploded, causing significant damage;
Members of the "Bodyguard" orchestrated the "escapes" of a number of fugitive suffragettes from police surveillance during 1913 and early 1914. They also participated in several violent actions against the police in defence of their leaders, notably including the "Battle of Glasgow" on March 9, 1914, when a group of about 30 Bodyguards brawled with about 50 police constables and detectives on the stage of St. Andrew's Hall in Glasgow, Scotland. The fight was witnessed by an audience of some 4500 people.
The 1918 general election, the first general election to be held after the Representation of the People Act 1918, was the first in which some women (property owners older than 30) could vote.
1918 — 1903 = 15 лет, я ожидал как минимум 50. оказывается, ои довольно быстро добились своего

Я работаю с замечательными девушками-программистами и, как мне кажется, IT — это поле минимальной дискриминации девушек. Конечно, если говорить о ведущих позициях, то могут быть сложности, связанные с soft skills. На ведущих позициях нужно гораздо меньше эмоций и гораздо больше холодной рассудительности, не все девушки эмоционально готовы к прессингу дедлайнов и стрессам.
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У нас очень сильная девушка backend-разработчиком работает. Пол не имеет значения. Не говоря уже о frontend.
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устроиться на работу в IT девушке проще. Конечно, если речь идёт не о компании, в которой работают только мужчины.
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