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вот где настоящие денежки

Про 37-38г стало известно лишь потому, что начали расстреливать деятелей искусств, ученых, крупных чиновников. А когда в 20-х. расстреливали простой люд-всем было похуй. Сейчас тоже самое-простых садят, все молчат. Серебренникова закрыли-интеллигенция подняла вой.
Художественного руководителя "Гоголь-центра" Серебренникова обвиняют в хищении 68 миллионов рублей, которые государство выделило в первой половине 2010-х созданной им организации "Седьмая студия".
Во время заседания было также озвучено одно из основных доказательств следствия: сторона обвинения утверждает, что спектакль "Сон в летнюю ночь", на который были выделены предположительно похищенные средства, не был поставлен,

кстати о птичках, "у кого что болит, тот о том и говорит" — если только о деньгах думают те, у кого их нет, то кто думает о высоком-духовном-нематериальном?

смотри какая бизнес вумен techcrunch.com

Elizabeth Holmes, and the company’s former president, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani,... raised more than $700 million from investors through an “elaborate, years-long fraud in which they exaggerated or made false statements about the company’s technology, business, and financial performance.
the company — then [in October 2015] valued by investors at a stunning $9 billion — had greatly exaggerated its abilities to quickly process an expansive range of laboratory tests from a few drops of blood. In reality,... the lab instrument Theranos had developed handled just a small fraction of the tests sold to consumers, with the rest being done with traditional machines from companies like Siemens.
Theranos’s machines often fail the company’s quality-control standards, but Balwani, then president, pressured employees to run blood tests on the machines anyway.



I never told anyone what I was doing. One of the main things I learned from research was that an overwhelming number of people are caught because they didn't do it solo. So I never let anyone (not even my wife or best friend) know what I was doing.

I researched for about five or six months prior to my first one. I studied mostly the things that people did to get caught, and I just tried to plan around those things. It's hard to know how people get away since those details rarely make it to the news, but studying how people get caught was incredibly helpful in knowing what to avoid.

Once I did my first bank, very little planning was needed for subsequent banks. I never really scoped out a particularly location other than to make sure there was parking that was out of view from the bank.

hitbyacar1: I don't get how you didn't get caught. Did they not have cameras in the bank?
helloiamCLAY: Of course they had cameras. But then what? Nobody knew me. What good does it know only having a face and basic description?

The only time I was "robbed" in person was working in a pawnshop at the age of 20. Normally you never have a single person alone at the shop, but an emergency came up with the managers kid, and the new guy was scheduled to be there in 15 minutes so it didn't seem to be that big of a deal.

During those 15 minutes I had a crackhead come in trying to pawn/sell some womans shoes. I told him we don't take shoes. He looks around, pulls out his knife and tells me he wasn't leaving without some money. I looked at him and told him we do buy knives. His face changed to a, oh really?! expression. I asked to see it, and he handed it right over to me. "I just need $5." That $5 knife is still a part of my collection.

Oh he came back many more times. Always asked for me after that as I was now his "bud". I actually did buy a few more knives from him, some gold teeth he "found" on the ground and few other random things. He would also come in every week with some broken auto glass for me to check if they were diamonds. Dude was crazy, but we dealt with crazy before and after.