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Aperture Science:
We Do What We Must,
Because We Can.
*And sell it cheaper than anyone else so eventually someone will buy it XD

For the good of all of them.
Except the ones who are electrocuted.
But there's no sense crying
over every mistake.

You just keep on reducing the cost
And the science gets done
And you get a bad shock
Thanks to people who are
Still alive.

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Liebherr's Management Style

Part of the company's success can be attributed not only to Liebherr's advancements but also to his management style. He was noted as a frugal businessman who flew economy class and drove an older Mercedes car. His motto was that money should not be spent before being earned. He therefore never borrowed from banks. Liebherr was also a huge proponent of decentralization, leaving management at each subsidiary in control of overall operations.


Говорят под новый год все всегда сбывается... Даже то что целый год сбыть не получается (c) баш

Не правда это! Не могу в Steam'е докупить игрушек со скидкой. Первый платёж застрял в незавершённом состоянии в банке, и я не могу больше ничего купить, и у банка выходной сегодня.