To start your microblog on our site, simply open your favourite jabber client and add a user to contact-list. Registration is not needed. Now, all that you will send to this contact, will be published in your microblog.

To answer to message #n: type "#", message number and, after space, text of your answer.

For example: #1234 Thank's, very interesting.

At the top of the microblog there are information about its author. This info is loaded automatically from a Jabber vCard.

Besides usual messages, you can send a special commands:

  • NICK mynickname — set a nickname
  • S @username — subscribe to user's blog
  • U @username — unsubscribe from user's blog
  • S #1234 — subscribe to message replies
  • U #1234 — unsubscribe from message replies
  • D #1234 — delete message #1234
  • D L — delete your last message
  • VCARD — refresh your info from vCard
  • HELP — short help