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"Virgo Vs The Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG coming to PC, Mac and Linux. The game features traditional turn based combat with a twist: Guarding, countering and timing your actions carefully as well as trying to predict your enemies moves will greatly help on Virgo’s twisted cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance. In this galaxy where every action means a reaction, you’ll play as Virgo, the Holy Queen, or so-called Dreadful Queen, bringing mayhem to the Zodiac Realms and leaving on your way a trail of stardust in Virgo’s rage against the Heretics. Virgo Vs The Zodiac has a great variety of quirky and unique characters in a story-rich experience where the player will dive into the minds of the twelve Zodiac Archetypes and their realms, as in the Kingdom Hearts worlds system."

"An indie tribute to J-RPG classics. Explore a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction, intense ATB battles and branching story."
"Yasunori Mitsuda will join definitively Edge of Eternity if the goal is achieved and he is really looking forward to it. Yasunori Mitsuda says: “In this project “Edge of Eternity” I’ll take part as a music composer, looking forward to creating music for such an epic perspective of the world which I really love."
Сволочи, вымогают.