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I was in the cinema on Paddington (at working hours! ^_*) I pulled a crime at lunch and.... I felt awful. I should to go there with Vadim someday. But Paddington’s release ends any day now.…

Today I wasn`t afraid of falling in my dream. I was falling from the roof with a man who tried to shoot me. And I felt nothing to afraid. I saw discharged bullets in slow motion. And then I saw a standard on the glass wall of the building, got it and took ground unharmed.

I made a decision to give whole my spare time to practicе in English. I'm deep in confidence how useful this idea is. First of all I will write everyday at least three sentences in English about smth. which happens to me.

От моего света вода в реках останавливается и зацветает, а в остальном – ня.

"летать с балкона не могу, у меня сердце разорвётся – я не успею долететь"